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Tuesday- September 19th

9am- Opening Session- Therap- Conference Presenting Sponsor

9:15am- General Session- Commissioner Kim Boswell

10am- Breakout sessions (8 breakout rooms)

11am- Breakout sessions (8 breakout rooms)

12:15pm- Keynote Luncheon- Associate Commissioner Kathy Sawyer

12pm- Awards Presentations

1:45pm- Breakout sessions (8 breakout rooms)

2:45pm- Breakout sessions (8 breakout rooms)

3:45pm- Breakout sessions (8 breakout rooms)

Breakout Session Options: 
(Final time slots still to be determined)
  • Safe in Home (Remote Support Services- Empowering Independent Living)

  • Self-Advocate (A Personal Story about finding meaningful employment/financial independence)

  • The Arc of Madison County (Creating Access to Autism Testing in Diverse Communities) 

  • ADAP (Making Waivers Work)

  • Therap (EVV Demonstration)

  • Self-Advocate (Making our own choices: Supported Decision Making and Self-Determination)

  • Palmer Law LLC (What you should know about Special Needs Trusts & ABLE Accounts)

  • ABLE Accounts (Alabama ABLE Savings Plan- a savings plan for people with disabilities)

  • The Horizons School (Collaborating with businesses and agencies to employ people with disabilities, sharing successes!)

  • ADMH (Q&A: ADMH’s Adoption of Therap)

  • Teachers (Navigating the Journey: Building IEPs for Every Stage of Learning)

  • ADAP (Guardianship and Alternatives to Guardianship)

  • ADMH- Psychological and Behavioral Services (A Different Dual Diagnosis: Understanding Intellectual/Developmental Disability & Mental Illness)

  • Central Alabama Aging (IDD & Dementia: A Complicated Combination)

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